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Dennis Dunaway Interview: , the original bassist for The Alice Cooper Group has announced an exciting new project for his new song, “Cold Cold Coffin.”

The Music Room: Hi Dennis. It is a real honor to be able to speak with you, and I appreciate you taking time out to speak with me. I want to talk to you about your new project, “Cold Cold Coffin.” It’s a really interesting concept as it is not just a song, but a theatrical event. Where did the idea come from? Was it something that you always wanted to do? Or did you write this song and think, this would make a great movie?

Dennis Dunaway: I write a lot of songs that have visual lyrics. We always have with the Alice Cooper group. This one is just one of those songs where everything seemed to fall into place really nicely. Every lyric is visual, so it seems to be a cut above a lot of other songs in that respect. I played it for a friend of mine who is in the film industry. He said we’ve got to do a video of this. It started out being a low budget thing and then one thing led to another and we just got so inspired that this thing has to be done really nicely. We brought in some people who do work on Broadway in New York City. They do shows for cable television and films. Everybody agreed that the lyrics were so visual that it’s already like a movie in four and a half minutes.

TMR: I saw that you wanted to make it more of a mini-movie as opposed to a music video, I’m curious as to what the difference is. Is it something like when you think about the “Thriller” video that Michael Jackson did?

DD: Right, that is why we are calling it a rock cinema. It really is the length of a music video. But rather than plugging a band and having musicians in the background of the scenes, this is pretty much going to be filmed like an old Christopher Lee film. Film Noir in a real castle, and it’s going to stick to the storyline of the lyrics. It’s going to depict the lyrics as opposed to doing something where you see the band playing in front of a crowd, then seeing people walking around doing something that has to do with the lyrics. This is strictly a very short movie.

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