Paid-for Facebook likes and YouTube comments, and false ticket sale figures, have led to one of the strangest stories of the year

Bands buying Facebook likes is nothing new. The (very silly) practise has been going on for as long as Facebook Pages have existed, businesses and bands alike using bots to up their stats, in the hopes of improving their social media standing. One LA band, who go by the name of Threatin, appear to have taken this mantra to its most baffling extreme.

Twitter user @buzzingbugs pointed out yesterday (November 4) that Threatin’s seemingly well-sold UK tour wasn’t all it seemed. Sharing a Facebook post that referenced a Threatin show at Bristol’s The Exchange, the story unfolds thus: “We were expecting it to be a busy night because the promoter had supposedly sold 180 tickets.” Of course, all was not as it seemed.

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