Here is some music that I created and recorded myself between 2008 and 2012. I have a a third full album of songs to be released March 30, 2017. Took A Bus is a three song EP that is available for instant download if you follow the link by clicking on the title. The other two records are collections of songs more than finished records. I released them this way mostly to see if I could and I did. But, the quality isn’t what I would like it to be on each of these, even though most of the songs are quite strong. The latest record sounds much better. You can get previews of each of these albums at CDBaby and on iTunes. Follow the artwork for more info.

Not to say that you shouldn’t by the records. Each one explores the last scraps of concept album and tries to start a fresh dialogue with the sounds. They were very expressive of my nature at the time, a time during which I moved from the city to build a new home on the dark side of the valley. Each of the albums reflect the time and place.