Performances and shows in the music business for me started playing rhythm guitar, not plugged in, in a family friend’s band, strumming one song and graduating to more songs, then plugged in, then singing. We had two kinds of shows; a traditional country/pop/rock/dance/polka band and a 50s  throwback show where we dressed up and played fifties songs for high school people.

Later shows were more close to the ground, like on the street in Canada and a few places in Europe. While I remembered all the words at the time, I also remember the cold wind down my throat even more. I wasn’t built for this kind of experience. Regardless, I still play outside at demonstrations and in the doorways of barns, a stage here and there; sold some CDs, met friends and new friends alike who told me they liked the music. I believed them and I continued on. I have been writing songs since Primary school and I remember the first one exactly.

If you like the concept and would like to connect or have me perform at your venue or house concert, please let me know from the Contact page. I show up with around two to three hours of music. I can do lo fi and hi fi, loud or soft, hard or easy.


Been There