A Guide to Identifying Common Acoustic Guitar Shapes and Sizes

Though not as popular these days as smaller guitars, there are still plenty of jumbo and small jumbo models being made. Gibson offers versions in all of its different acoustic lines, as do Gretsch, Guild, Yamaha, and other companies. Some builders, like Lowden, have taken the jumbo in new directions. Lowden’s O (Original) style is especially noted for its dynamic ability—or headroom—to project delicate passages as clearly as aggressive strumming and big bass and overtones. Taylor’s biggest model, the 16-1/4-wide Grand Symphony, is another notable variation on the jumbo platform. Source: A Guide to Identifying Common Acoustic Guitar Shapes and Sizes | Acoustic Guitar

Interview: Todd Rundgren on John Lennon, Ringo Starr, New York Dolls and more | Louder

Todd Rundgren on his public bust-up with a Beatle, the “freaking circus” of the New York Dolls, and why he doesn’t pay much attention to Bon Jovi The New York Dolls weren’t presented to me, they were just part of the milieu I was involved in at the time. I was still living in New York in an apartment that was walking distance from Max’s Kansas City which is where everything was happening; there was no CBGB yet. There were a lot of bands that were performing what was referred to as ‘the New York Scene’; it was not called punk rock yet. Advertisement I knew I was going to be leaving New York to move upstate to Woodstock and entering a new phase, so I wanted to do one of these bands as a farewell to my New York lifestyle. The band that was creating the most excitement and actually got signed first was the New York Dolls. I was such a fixture on the scene and was having wild success with my production work, it was a logical step for me to work with them. I went to see the band play a couple of times and met up with them, and knew that were certain members with whom the musical responsibility lay and then there were guysContinue Reading