Tiles from the Amber Room

  • Artist: Desmond Grundy
  • Release Date: 2012-06-01
  • Genre: Rock
  • Produced By: DGRUNDY
  • Price: 12.00

(10 songs)

01 Something Good Comes Along 3:25
02 Spiral Arm 3:07
03 Debt Jubilee 3:41
04 Straw Into Gold 3:00
05 She Could See Me 2 2:42
06 Black Fly 4:23
07 Borealis 3:27
08 Godot 2:34
09 Guns Liquor And Pills
10 A Penny 4:37


Written between 2008 and 2012 at my home studio. Each of the songs on this record were built up from basement writings and practice-ings with each instrument track becoming a composite of many other tracks and takes, which is one way to do it. I think there is even some TASCAM four track on this record, recorded in my living room, from pre 2006.

This album of original songs is available on iTunes and from CD Baby

There is a video to the single “Spiral Arm” and it can be viewed here. You’ll like it. It’s popular. There’s a plan.


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Premium Package, if available:
– Get the whole Album or EP of songs in MP3 and CD Quality stereo formats in one download
– Contains all the lyrics in a pdf booklet with photos, contact and more information.
– Each package also contains a lyric video and in some cases an actual music video or two


Hear it on YouTube. The artist will make approximately .005 – .05 cents for each play. If you’d rather just pay what you can, scan this QR code and take a little trip.

The songs can also be purchased individually from iTunes. All the music on this website is available for purchase at most online music stores including Amazon.

You can also ‘rent’ the songs from this album at Spotify. It’s not a living wage but I like working there.