1000 GESTALTEN / G 20 Hamburg Summit on Vimeo

“this is spooky, wonderful, amazing, > empowering! so many of us are asleep, all it takes to WAKE UP is to remember the truth of who we are. Energetic pieces of the same mysterious infinite ocean of love. Reminding others who we are, helps us remind ourselves! Thank you for such a powerful reminder.”

Henry Rollins: America’s Real Safety Net Is Drugs, Alcohol, Cheap Food and Free Porn

source: http://www.laweekly.com/music/henry-rollins-americas-real-safety-net-is-drugs-alcohol-cheap-food-and-free-porn-8392156 Since the inception of America, as much concept as actual thing, the poor have been despised by the rich. It is an adversarial relationship that has not relented from then to this moment. This antagonism and the agony it engenders is not only our collective story but informs much of our behavior now. NoContinue Reading

The South’s Rock Renaissance – WSJ

Source: The South’s Rock Renaissance – WSJ “From the garage-punk bands of Nashville to Atlanta’s metal-heads, Southern rock scenes are flourishing, sprouting new acts, clubs and publications. The new acts are much different than their predecessors: They are multi-ethnic and tackle thorny subjects with a centrist voice. Rather than hiding their accents, they take prideContinue Reading

The Persistence of Prog Rock

“In place of a guitarist, Emerson, Lake & Palmer had Keith Emerson, a keyboard virtuoso who liked to wrestle with his Hammond organ onstage, and didn’t always win: during one performance, he was pinned beneath the massive instrument, and had to be rescued by roadies.”