Arch English ‘non-musician’, Roxy Music’s departed distortion master, the producer Television rejected, progenitor of the whole radical synthesizer trend, the receding video experimenter who breathed new life into New York by unearthing the ‘No Wave’ bands, Robert Fripp’s sidekick, the guy who helped David Bowie re-invent himself with Low and, perhaps most remarkably, the producer/collaboratorContinue Reading

The Cult’s Ian Astbury says no recent rock album comes close to the “essential” new album from… The Cult: “It’s a gift” | Louder

It’s a cult. The Cult. The 2022 album. Must have a listen. “If you’re a fan of rock music, our new record’s essential,” the singer stated boldly, modesty be damned. “I don’t think there’s any recent releases of rock music that comes close to Under The Midnight Sun. And to say that, it may sound likeContinue Reading

How The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II’s Chris Holmes pool scene killed off 80s metal excess clichés

I remember when this came out. What a great set of movies. But of course, there’s no accounting for taste. Especially when it tastes like pool water. Oi! “Yes, Ma’am,” Holmes replies, clearly intoxicated.“Do you drink very much?”“Pardon?”“Do you drink very much?”“Uh, yes,” he replies, “I’m a full-blown alcoholic.” Source: How The Decline Of WesternContinue Reading