Bruce Springsteen on the Stone Pony: ‘Just a Very Down-Home Place’ – The New York Times

Springsteen at the Wonder Bar for a Stone Pony reunion show.CreditBobby Bank/WireImage, via Getty Images So as I went about telling the oral history of the Stone Pony, the legendary rock club in Asbury Park, N.J., an interview with Bruce Springsteen was essential. Here’s the full transcript of what he said. NICK CORASANITI When was the first time you ever set foot in the Stone Pony? BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Well, the Pony was Mrs. Jay’s, you know? And Mrs. Jay’s had that corner spot and then right next to it was a Mrs. J’s Beer Garden. And we were down the street in a club called the Student Prince, and at some point Mrs. Jay’s turned into the Stone Pony. I don’t remember when that happened. And I guess I went up there to see Steve [Van Zandt] and Southside Johnny because they actually started at the Pony. We started at the Student Prince. So I might have went up there to see them, or to see some local bands, local guys. And so they had a regular residence at the Pony, I think three nights a week, and so we used to all go and hang out there and play. That’s my recollection of when I started to go to the Pony — basically somewhere in 1975 or 1976 orContinue Reading