A Box Full of Rocks: The El Cajon Years of Lester Bangs – YouTube

This student film explores the formative years of legendary music journalist Lester Bangs. Bangs grew up in El Cajon, CA, a Southern California suburb 15 freeway miles east of San Diego. This 90-minute documentary interviews many of Bangs’s childhood and high school friends while examining the family issues and early influences that made Lester Bangs one of the world’s greatest Rock critics.

The Rolling Stones Cruise on Eighth Street | The Village Voice

“The Stones Cruise on Eighth Street”  July 23, 1980 I was talking to a friend of mine one night a couple of years ago, after ten thousand varyingly voluntary rehearings of Some Girls had convinced us it wasn’t so bad after all, that in fact we really actually liked it: “Do you think the Stones should break up now while they’re tem­porarily ahead,” I asked, “or play it out to the very end?” “Oh, no!” he fairly cackled. “l think they should stay together till they all drop dead, a little more pathetic and decrepit each time, out there grinding away at the same Chuck Berry licks when they’re 60 years old!” Go ahead and laugh, but they’re proba­bly going to do exactly that, and after panning just about everything they re­leased in the ’70s I’ve had a change of heart. You tell me whether it has something to do with turning 30 and all that, but what I said to another friend the other night in a similar conversation was, “Shit, yeah, let’s all grow old with the Rolling Stories, I can think of worse things.” Source: The Rolling Stones Cruise on Eighth Street | The Village Voice