Exploring Iggy Pop’s Miami

Exploring Iggy Pop’s Miami by Jason Diamond Located at the bottom of the Sunshine State, it’s as if everything good and bad about Florida filters its way down to Miami: You get the great weather, all kinds of different cultures, languages, and cuisine, but you also have the tourists, the terrible drivers, and the sports fans that the media loves to take swings at. The city has always been a strange mix of glamours, seedy, and a little dangerous, with the latter two thanks largely to its reputation as the cocaine capital of the United States in the 1980s. Today, the Magic City is again flush in (now mostly questionable real estate) money, and is still known for its Art Deco buildings, beaches, swirls of Spanish everywhere you go, and parties that go well into the next morning. But Miami is also currently experiencing a cultural boom, something that is especially apparent in December, when Art Basel Miami draws the focus of the entire art world in the biggest event of its kind in the United States. It has also encouraged the opening of dozens of art galleries in the city in the past decade, proving that Miami is simply a place where you go to get a good tan; that there’s plenty to experience here. And somewhat unlikely, one of the ambassadors forContinue Reading