Former Apple Records Exec Ken Mansfield Reflects on His Front Row Seat to the Beatles’ Final Years | Billboard

After the break-up heard ’round the world and the inevitable gossip that followed, Mansfield shifted his attention to other projects and took jobs at MGM and CBS Records, later becoming a prolific producer for acts ranging from Waylon Jennings to Willie Nelson. In his post-Beatles career, he was astute enough to know he was a part of something wildly unique and virtually unrepeatable. “They were different than any other artist, so it was an experience I never tried to recreate. I figured that was that and nothing else will ever be like it again.” In the intervening years, Mansfield kept in touch with all four members, whether working on an album deal with Starr or hobnobbing with Harrison when he was in Los Angeles. The last time Mansfield saw Lennon was at Starr’s house. “I was producing Waylon Jennings at the time and Ringo was a big country fan, so he called me and said he heard I just got back from working on Waylon’s new album in Nashville and wanted to know if he could listen to the tapes.” Mansfield happily obliged. “I show up to Ringo’s house and John’s sitting there on the couch. This was during his lost years. It was a strange day. John had dropped by to talk to Ringo about something personal and heContinue Reading