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So many stories about this man. There’s a lot of them in that beard. He’s kind of the HST of the music world. From what I can tell you either liked him or you did not like him. Much sound and much vision. ~D

He and Easton signed The Stones to a management deal, securing a record deal with Decca Records and a few weeks later they released their debut single that was a minor hit, most probably due to Andrew hustling it into the charts. Before all this happened, he ousted piano playing Ian Stewart from the band for the simple reason, in Keith Richards view, “According to Andrew Stu just didn’t look the part, and six is too many faces for the fans to remember in a photo.”

Over the coming four years Oldham masterminded The Stones rise and rise. Having first got them into matching suits for their debut TV appearance on Thank Your Lucky Stars, Andrew soon realised their was value in them looking different to all the other identikit, suit-wearing bands. That and the fact that The Stones were just basically not interested in conforming.

Loog Oldham is a month younger than Keith, who himself was the youngest member of The Stones, which makes his achievements all the more remarkable. It was ALO’s innate sense of promotion, his flair, his pushiness and his understanding of music marketing, long before anyone else understood what it meant, that helped make The Stones who they became.

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