The 10 Best Artists We Saw At SXSW 2019 — Vinyl Me, Please

It is what it is. Latest favourite music as listed by those who were at SXSW this year: It is what it is.

Last week, the Vinyl Me, Please editorial staff decamped to the taco-and-pizza-strewn curbs of Austin, Texas, for SXSW Music. In addition to showing out for our amazing showcase, they spent their days finding secret shows and yeehaw showcases. Here’s the 10 best artists they saw last week.

This performer was my favourite but still leaving much to be desired.

Rico Nasty

These rappers swear they on that rockstar shit, and these rappers ain’t Rico Nasty. PEREIT! Like, no bullshit, the Moe jumped outta me in the moshpit, my toothpick limbs sweating bullets in jubilee with so many beautiful faces, Black faces. I mean, everyone was in there, but… it felt like the crowd woulda been my friends in high school the way Rico’s aura reminds me of the PG girls from first period. Her presence generates that energy, taking minimal energy to incite a furious wave of rebellious conduct. As she conducted the Sugar Soldiers through an array of her most popular bops, she beamed with equal parts gratitude and astonishment at the mess she’s made already. The stage brimmed with several figures, many playing earlier on the Pigeons & Planes lineup, all crankin’ with Her Majesty. It’s so easy to forget Rico’s 21. It’s also easy to lose your nasal spray, ibuprofen and deodorant when your front zipper comes undone as you thank God for not having to smack a bitch today. In our interview last year, Rico told me she observes the trash on the floor after her shows end and how they differ in different cities. I returned to Empire Garage seeking what I lost in the fire, and remembered. Time is a flat circle. — Michael Penn II


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