The Kinks’ Ray Davies: Brexit is ‘bigger than the Berlin Wall’ | Music | The Guardian

As a keen-eyed chronicler of British manners and mores, Ray Daviesis thinking about Brexit a lot. He’s currently writing a book about Britain – “focusing on what it had when I was young” – and he predicts a potentially problematic departure. “It’s going to be a shift of gigantic proportions,” he warns. “Bigger than the Berlin Wall, like regrowth and replacement after a war. Hopefully we don’t have a war or a huge crisis, but we’re going to go through an immense change. We’re reassessing our culture, our sensibilities, the way we react to other cultures.” The 72-year-old sighs. “It’s an imploding culture.” Sometimes, says the man who single-handedly reshaped the language and psychology of pop music with the Kinks, he regrets not running away from Britain after You Really Got Me went to No 1 in 1964. “I wish I could live in my own world like some existentialist artist,” he says. “But life has always intervened.” Yet as Britain prepares to bow out, Davies – stubbornly out of step with prevailing trends – has released Americana, his first solo album in almost a decade, and a companion piece to his candid, witty 2013 memoir. Recorded with veteran alt-country outfit the Jayhawks, the collection explores, in forensic detail, Davies’ relationship with the US: how he got banned from touringContinue Reading

5 Things You Should Never Do When Pitching to Playlist Curators

Excellent advice here (courtesy of MICCO) – 1. Do not send them your entire album Unless you are Billie Eilish, the chances of someone actually listening to your entire album is pretty slim… Even successful artists struggle to get their fans to commit to their entire album so don’t ask a busy curator to listen to more than one song. Just send them your best song off your upcoming EP or LP, win them over with your finest tune, build the relationship, leave them wanting more & if they want to hear more they will let you know. 2. Do not send a 6 paragraph essay Curators receive hundreds if not thousands of emails a day and the vast majority of playlist curators simply don’t have the time to read your lengthy press release or life story. So don’t waste their time or yours with long winded emails…you have 3 sentences to catch the curators attention so keep it short, sharp, genuine, authentic, interesting and to the point. Find your hook – the angle that makes you interesting & relatable, the story that reels in a potential fan. 3. Do not mass email Curators Sending out one massive email blast is the fastest way to not get any results. Take the time to craft each individual email, address them byContinue Reading