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I remember very clearly when this album Goat’s Head Soup came out. I was in Grade 8 and we were have a contest and the prize was that album. I never one. Thanks Allan. You went to Switzerland beforehand to do a little bit of writing with with Mick, and that’s where you wrote “Angie.” Yeah, I remember “Angie” I wrote in Switzerland, in a Swiss restroom. At that time, Mick was really on the other side of the world. So we got together a few weeks before we actually went to Jamaica to put all of the bits and pieces we got together into some coherent songs. Mick had “Silver Train” and “Starfucker,” and I was working on most of the others. It was a different way for us to work, you know: “Hey, I’ve got this, but I need a bridge.“ “Oh, I got a bridge that suits that!” We were tailoring it up as we went along. Did you know “Angie” was special at the time? I don’t quite remember how the decision was made on “Angie.” I was very happy with it, because it took the Stones on that singles market in that era. It gave us another flavor, another place. In a way, it reminded me of when we put out “Little Red Rooster” [inContinue Reading

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Do you think of Goats Head as a particularly druggy album? Druggy? Was it a druggy album? It’s not got a lot of druggy subject material, apart from perhaps “Coming Down Again,” but you’ll have to talk to Keith about that. I mean, my guess is that could be a drug reference. [Laughs.] But the rest of it … there’s a drug reference in “Heartbreaker,” but I wouldn’t really characterize it as the most druggy Stones record. At the time when it came out, you said you felt closer to this album, you liked it more than Exile. I say stupid things like that when I’m promoting albums. You gotta take that with a pinch of salt. “Course it’s better! This album, if you liked Exile, this is even better!” I can imagine myself saying that. Read the whole sorry mess at Source: Mick Jagger on the Future of Live Music, the Next Stones Album and More – Rolling Stone