Forgotten Rebels still wild, still kicking |

Mickey DeSadist from The Forgotten Rebels – Courtney Michaud / Indoor Shoes The band released their groundbreaking album debut “In Love With The System” in 1980 followed by “This Ain’t Hollywood” in 1982. Most recently came DIY live recording, “Last One Standing,” in 2011. “We have a bunch of new material,” hints DeSadist. “We have not recorded anything yet but we will probably record some of it. We have nine new songs but we only play about four of them live. I wrote a few songs the other day and presented them to the guys to see what they think. They take the basic parts, fix them up and make them Rebels songs,” says DeSadist. The Rebels’ roll call features DeSadist, guitar/vocals; Jeffrey Campbell, guitar; Shawn Maher, bass; and Dan Casale on drums. more @ Source: Forgotten Rebels still wild, still kicking |